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Promoting Early Education Quality (PEEQ) is a statewide program of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension dedicated to encouraging the adoption of research- and evidence-based practices in all levels of the early education field. Established in 2004, the program supports early childhood educators in Texas and beyond by providing professional development training. Our award-winning program utilizes interactive technologies to deliver the latest research and best practices in health and safety, nutrition, and child development.

In addition to training teachers, caregivers, and administrators, we also train various groups who provide technical assistance for the early childhood workforce, such as Childcare Health Consultants, Texas Healthy Building Blocks Technical Assistance Consultants, and Childcare Regulation staff. We also collaborate with other state agencies, institutions of higher education, and other stakeholders on a variety of initiatives to improve Texas’ early education systems. In everything we do, we strive to make science-based practices accessible, actionable, and achievable for practitioners.

Program Highlights
  • Established Expertise: With a history spanning two decades, the childcare training program has become a trusted resource for early childhood educators, facilitating approximately 4 million online course completions since 2010.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our online course platform offers over 150 courses tailored to the needs of early childhood educators, covering essential topics such as health, safety, nutrition, and child development.
  • Quality Assurance: We understand that quality matters in early childhood education. Research shows that children who receive high-quality care demonstrate better language, math, and social skills, among other benefits. By ensuring a well-trained workforce, we aim to provide the highest standard of care and education to children, preparing them for school and beyond.
  • State-Mandated Training: We offer a convenient, flexible, and affordable solution for early childhood professionals in Texas to obtain clock hour credits required by the state. Our online courses are designed to meet state-mandated training requirements while allowing educators to learn at their own pace, anytime, day or night.
  • Nationwide Reach: While based in Texas, we serve early childhood educators across the United States and in other countries. Our platform is one of the leading online learning resources for professionals in childcare centers and home-based settings.
Why Choose Us for Training?
  • Convenience: An accessible online course platform allows educators to complete courses on their schedule, enhancing their knowledge and skills without disrupting their daily routines.
  • Quality Content: All courses are developed based on the latest research in each subject area, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in addressing the evolving needs of early childhood education.
  • Professional Development: Our university specialists empower educators to stay current with best practices, enabling them to provide high-quality care and support to children during their crucial developmental years.
FY2023 Results
Courses available to early childhood educators
Early childhood educators completed 373,966 courses
Texas enrollments
Out-of-state enrollments
% pre-test average
% post-test average

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