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Frequently Asked Questions for Community Partners

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Community partner organizations, such as local health departments or other community health organizations, serve as the program administrative body and direct connection to ECEs with the program on a day-to-day basis. In this role, community partners:thbb-communitypartner-responsibilities-image

The support a Community Partner will receive will depend on the agreement in place with the state leadership team.  In general, a community partner will capacity building support, training and professional development for technical assistance consultants, and promotion and recognition materials to help support THBB efforts in their community(ies).

Community Partners are responsible for providing a local presence and funding administration of the THBB program at the local level, to include funding TA Consultant positions and position support benefits, such as travel and insurance.  Community partners can offer additional incentives for participating ECEs as resources are available.

The current eligibility criteria for THBB TA Consultants is to align with current ECE training professionals that follow Texas Health and Human Services Child Care Regulations Trainer Requirements outlined in chapter §746.1317. THBB requires that TA consultants must complete BOTH Go NAPSACC TA Consultant training and the THBB TA Consultant Training in order to become an Approved THBB TA Consultants.

Each community partner is responsible for developing their own implementation plan.  However, the Texas Department of Health & Human Services offers a Search Texas Child Care search engine that includes the current regulated early childhood Education programs in a particular service area, zip code, or county jurisdiction.