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Resources for Technical Assistance Consultants

Are you currently a Technical Assistance Consultant participating in the Texas Healthy Building Blocks program?

THBB TA Consultant Resource Site Table of Contents

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Consultant Resources you can access from your TA Consultant Account through Go NAPSACC

Go NAPSACC Consultant Navigation Guide

Go NAPSACC Provider Navigation Guide, Orientation Slides, Provider Trainings, Self-Assessment PDFs and Tips & Materials can all be found by logging in to your Go NAPSACC TA Consultant Page.

Click here to access Go NAPSACC Consultant Webinar Playlists on YouTube.  

Click here to watch recorded Go NAPSACC Provider and Consultant Trainings. (.pdf)

Use the GO NAPSACC TA Consultant DEMO account to train ECEs or access resources.  Never add fake ECE data into the LIVE Go NAPSACC Account portal. You must remember your password from TA Consultant Training.  If you do not, please send the Contact form for assistance. 

Click here to visit the Go NAPSACC Website!

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This is where you can submit a Success Story. Let's celebrate any improvements to health practices we see in the ECEs we are connected with.
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